Can’t change descriptions in Flickr

A completely different topic today (still photography related mind you). For quite a long time I have not been able to change the descriptions on my Flickr photos. Normally you can click on the description box below your photo and describe away.

Tonight I decided I would do some research and try to figure out what the issue was. I found a number of posts that said it was related to a Greasemonkey script called Flickr Rich Text. The problem was that I did not have that particular script. Although, I do have a number of scripts, including a Check Play Script that was previously located at that I have just recently finished modifying for the Flickr Foto Competition Group, but I digress. So, I turned off Greasemonkey but I still could not edit my descriptions.

Long story short, it turns out to be a Firefox add-on called Better Flickr 0.3 which uses the Greasemonkey Rich Text script. I found this out here.

Hopefully this will help someone one day and save them a bit of time.

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Posted in Flickr by Richard on September 3rd, 2009 at 03:20.

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