Welcome and thanks for stopping by. For the past 30 plus years photography has been a love of mine that continues to grow. As you may have noticed from my portfolio, I have a particular soft spot for photographing people. This includes, young and old, weddings and fashion / modeling photography.

Recently I have been going back to my roots and publishing a lot more photos in black and white. Today however, creating a black and white photo is a lot easier using Lightroom and Photoshop compared to the chemicals of a darkroom.

My first camera was a Zeiss Ikon Stuttgart “nettar” camera made in 1957 (it was my father’s, who gave it to me in the 1970s). From there I shot a number of years with a Pentax until purchasing a Canon 7E. I have continued to support Canon where today the equipment I use includes a Canon 5D Mark II and 30D and a number of primes (24L, 50L, 85L, 135L, 200L, 400L). The most recent addition has been Canon’s new 70-200mm f/2.8 L IS II. As to lighting, I use the Elinchrom Ranger AS Speed packs and accessories.

Thanks again for stopping by. All comments and critiques are encouraged

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  1. Hi Mr. Richard,

    I have a photoblog exacty with same theme of yours.

    I do like the wonderful “Slideshows” part of your theme, which located at the end of the header.

    Originally, it was no such part in the Reflection-mod theme.

    Could you please explain me how i can do such thing?

    Thanks for your great effort and kind reply.

    Best Regards.

  2. Hi Ahmet,

    Thank you for your question. Today’s post is a “How to” install Slideshows in the Reflection-mod theme. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to comment on the post.

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    Best regards,

  4. Thanks Win, I love your 360 degrees pictures of Brac.

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